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Intense, private emotions may come to light, prompting healing transformation. Give and take are almost never even-steven, but this lunation wants you to strive for a healthy balance. As Neptune pivots forward after five months of traveling retrograde, passion reawakens and desires take shape.

Daily horoscope for Monday November 19 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

A creative concept may find new life, or you could view a romantic interest with fresh eyes. Take love and happiness seriously, making them objectives, not merely ideals. A flurry of domestic activity might spark restlessness, or perhaps discord at home will induce you to make a getaway. This is your month to be self-centered in a good way! Concentrate on your own concerns and enjoy expressing your personality freely. When a full moon rolls around in your interpersonal angle, however, you may have to cede the spotlight to others for a bit and juggle your needs with theirs.

November 19 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

This lunation can put a partnership to the test, and you may opt to commit or call it quits. Happy solar return! Mars challenges Jupiter as the week gets underway, suggesting that a lively discussion can teach you something subtle — possibly about yourself — while standing up for your ideas can increase your inner faith.

Your solar year is drawing to a close, making this a period for reflection.

The moon is in Aries today.

Look back over and evaluate what has transpired, without judgment. Learn from the past, holding on to the lessons and letting go of regrets. A full moon in your productivity corner may bring on a crisis at work or compel you to address a health matter. This is generally your best moon of the year for kicking a bad habit, dropping something from your schedule, finishing a work project and reaching a fitness goal.

Be proactive about using the resources at your disposal early in the week when Mars in your worth house contacts Jupiter.

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Doing so can benefit others and enhance teamwork, but selfish actions can clash with altruism. The people you choose to surround yourself with are, in various ways, a reflection of yourself.

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  6. A love affair could heat up or burn out, as romance reaches a crescendo. You need to enjoy life to the fullest under this moon, and spontaneous fun will win out over dutiful plans. As Neptune finishes his five-month retrograde, finances become clearer but you could also find yourself yearning to splurge. According to your intuition, what do you truly need? With Mars in Pisces throwing down the gauntlet at the beginning of the week, your ambition could go into overdrive.

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    If you can resist overreaching, this planetary pairing can fire you up to achieve things that require confidence to attempt. Just be mindful of timing and risk assessment. With the sun climbing to the peak of your chart, this is your time to prove what you can do and advance your reputation.

    The full moon at the base of your chart reminds you not to neglect the more personal side of life, and a development in your family or your living situation may grab your attention. You might complete a domestic project or enjoy the comforts of home more than usual.

    Today's Horoscope, Daily Astrology, Zodiac Sign for Monday, November 19, 2018

    Neptune is powering up after a five-month retrograde phase, making it easier for you to tune into the outside world and actively engage. Use your intuition to get back in the swing of things! Their most characteristic trait is an unusual intensity in all of their experiences, both physical and mental ones. They strive for power, show passion, and their inner power must find an outlet. Their spirit is brave, and their mind flexible, gifted with power of authority, ease of expression of thoughts and a talent for persuasion. At the same time, they are neutral, sociable, living life to the fullest.

    A child born on this day is well-built, and their organism is very vital.

    November 19 Birthday Horoscope

    The excess of physical energy that overflows them must find a wide outlet in their everyday life — otherwise their health might suffer. All Sections. The Morning and Evening Brief.

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    horoscope for november 19 Horoscope for november 19
    horoscope for november 19 Horoscope for november 19
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