Moon in sagittarius astrology

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Rise to New Heights on the Rose Full Moon in Sagittarius | Astrology Answers

Typically, a full moon marks expansion in our life by making very small course corrections. This road is particularly interested in success in education, career advancement, and deeper connections in relationships. Sags are impatient too, but luckily this empowering full moon is in their sign! This moon marks a period of expansion full moon conjunct Jupiter through making small course corrections inconjunct Mars. Because Jupiter planet of luck is halfway through Sagittarius, you may be signing an agreement which benefits you and another person or company.

Overall, work and responsibility will get in the way of fun for the next couple weeks, but only briefly. With a few tweaks and some patience , you can make a report or project for work completely stellar. In order to make the most of it, ask a close friend for advice. During this full moon, you may feel a desire to attend religious services or spiritual retreat, which could be beneficial for you to renew your connection with the Universe.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Emotions

Finally, a message from a past relationship brings back some memories. The full moon brings opportunities for income growth through spreading your message or posting your resume—now is the time to market your skills, Taurus! Your hunch is correct, but avoid gambling especially with the rent money. Intimate, relationship energy is strong this month—so be prepared to face some feels.

This may involve a move or transfer. Find out what will happen this summer from a real psychic. Now is the time to improve your health through small adjustments in your daily routine. Connect with a friend and go to exercise classes together. Sleep improves when you set up a bedtime routine and maybe a new memory foam pillow. Keep focus on the movies you watch Cancer , as a profound message comes to you from one of them. This full moon can bring tons of fun and enjoyment for Leos. Is it time to take a vacation? This may mean putting in some extra hours one week to be free from work the next.

Friendships are highlighted here, and you feel loved and accepted. She's romantic and likes nice things, and probably is good looking and well dressed. Libras live for partnerships, she can't imagine going through life without one. She is gentle and doesn't like to argue, and I see you both talking out your problems in a mature way. Leo moon is warm and sunny, and you love children and family.

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Libra likes to be surrounded by people. I think you two will have a great time together. Be aware I don't know what signs your other planets are in, or houses, or aspects, since we aren't working with whole horoscopes here. But I am clairsentient, and have a good feeling about you two. Best Wishes and take care! Thank you Jean. I am actually a Leo with moon in Sagittarius. She is Sagittarius with moon in Libra.

I think you are saying you both have Sun in Sag? It's unusual for couples of the same Sun sign to get along. Fire and Air are good, and that could be the reason you are good together, as the Sag Suns aspect the Fire and Air Moons. Really happy for you. Keep up the good work. I am sun Leo moon Sagittarius she is sun Sagittarius Libra moon. We sometimes don t even need words ;-. I think you struggle because Cancer, Aries, and Capricorn are all cardinal leadership signs, and you are a hard worker with big ambitions, who always looks ahead to the future.

It's called a T-square in astrology, so when large planets are passing the positions where these planets were in your birth chart, I think you experience large changes in your life, are faced with ones you didn't expect, or are bored and want changes, but aren't sure what to change to or where the best opportunities are. It's a hard placement, but not impossible.

Just expect change. Being Aquarius means you are a nonconformist who is a bit quirky but fun, but hard to pin down. The Cancer Moon also makes you changeable in your emotions, but for some reason Cancer and Aquarius work well together. Your quirks are endearing to others. Pisces rising means the face you show to the world.

You are imaginative, creative, psychic, and very sympathetic. Venus is your love nature, and in Aries you are competitive in love. Make sure you go after someone because you really like her, not because you want to take her from someone else and win a competition. And you may change partners often. Mars in Capricorn brings us back to the T-square, so you work hard and know what you want out of life, you want nice things, but you also know what you want in a woman. Try to make her feel important, because I think you distance women and possibly put them second to work, and you may have to accommodate her more or do more to make her feel special.

Let's take a look at her. A Taurus sun woman is sexy in an understated or natural way. She is serious and if she cares for you she means it for real, so don't play with her emotions if you aren't sure. She is kind and makes you feel secure. She's a rock to lean on, but expects commitment from you.

Her Sag moon works well with your Aries Venus, she wants a little freedom in a relationship. She likes to travel and is restless like you. I believe she likes hiking and sports, doing things outside. Leo rising is the facade she shows, and Leo is the Queen, so she makes a dramatic entrance and expects attention, so this can be a challenge to you. She's friendly, a good host, and loves to go out. She looks great and knows how to dress well.

She can do this on a budget being a Taurus Sun, and is a natural beauty anyway, doesn't need help. Venus in Gemini means she likes to flirt, but I think she's basically looking for a long term relationship, a Taurus must. She wants to discuss your partnership often and suggest ways to improve it, or figure out ways to make it better. Get used to it, she talks about her feelings often. Both Venus in Aries and Gemini are compatible, you have a definite spark there. Maris in Pisces is how she is physically, she is more of a cerebral person.

She likes to do outdoor things, but also probably likes to paint, write, or express all that Venus in Gemini intelligence in some way. You both have Pisces in you, rising sign for you and Mars for her, so that helps you understand her. I don't see anything in the way that can be too bad here. Just make enough time for her if you really care and Taurus needs to be shown physically how much you care. Gemini means shes romantic and both Taurus and Gemini traits mean you have to give her flowers or do little things to show you care.

I think this can work. Good luck. I am sun Aquarius with Cancer moon and Pisces rising. My Venus is in Aries and Mars in Capricorn. Often struggle in relationships which makes me sad. Currently dating a Taurus sun with Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. Her Venus is in Gemini and Mars in Pisces. What are your thoughts? I can tell you what all these planets in zodiac signs mean, but be aware this is nowhere near a complete astrology chart or interpretation of one.

Sun in Virgo people are intelligent, witty and friendly. They are trustworthy and normally keep up on current events so seem younger than they are. The Sag Moon represents your emotional makeup, so you are restless and require change. Some Sag people are demonstrative and some are very quiet, so you could express your feelings in either one of those ways depending on the type of Sag moon you are. Scorpio rising people act intense and serious, although you have presence and others usually respect you.

Venus in Leo means you require a lot of attention in love and want to be treated like a Queen, so are a little high maintenance. But you are also generous and loving. Mars in Taurus means you are hard working and usually achieve your goals. You want to surround yourself with nice things, because the Leo and Taurus in you makes you feel like you deserve them. It's a varied amount of zodiac signs represented here.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Lately when I cast charts I get clients who have large concentrations of planets in one zodiac sign, which makes a very focused but also challenging personality. So I think you are well rounded, which is good and easier in life. Best Wishes, Jean. Your Aquarius Sun means you are a nonconformist who sees life through your own lens. You are artistic and quirky and fun. The Sag moon means you love the outdoors, and may travel often. You could fall in love with someone from a different culture.

You may like a lot of freedom in a relationship but still want to be in one. Your Scorpio Rising is the way others see you. You seem serious and reserved until they get to know you. Scorpio gives you an intensity, and others may be intimidated by you. You are strong and capable. Your Venus in Aries means you are a hopeless romantic who wants to shout it from the rooftops. You are demonstrative and really show it when in love. The Scorpio can make you possessive, but the Sag and Aquarius mean you don't want to be possessed.

Your partner has to learn to give you some space, although you will be faithful. What does it mean? Thanks for your interest, but this is hours of work. I can be found on Google if you want to order an astrology chart or tarot reading. Or try jeanbakula. I understand most people don't realize how much time it takes to interpret what you asked without drawing up a chart.

My sun sign is pisces, moon sagittarius, ascendant cancer, venus aquarius, mars aries, Jupiter sag, mercury pisces, pluto sag, neptun aquarius. Well, to be honest, in all the years I did astrology, I only knew one couple who had the same sun signs who stayed together. I am Cancer and dated a Cancer guy for a short time years ago, but it's too much like being with yourself.

But But your Sag moon is compatible with his Aries Sun. Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising and Aries sun are all signs of leadership, so you both have traits of being ambitious and wanting to be go getters in life. So why not give it a try? Hello : i ve just started to date one guy with an Aries sun and a Capricorn moon, I have an Aries sun, a sagittarius moon and a libra rising I can't accommodate people who get lists of planets from sites here anymore.

I don't mind a Sun or Moon sign question, but you don't understand how many hours it takes to cast and interpret an astrology chart. I don't use a program, and it takes me hours. If you want this information, go to jeanbakula wordpress. I have a waiting list of about 1 month. I don't really like answering this because it's so little of the picture. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by gentle Venus, though the Libra is more competitive and career minded. Sag rising is a person who seems intelligent and is and in interested in many topics and causes. The Sag moon means you may not want to be tied down, but the Taurus Sun makes you want to be half of a couple.

An Aquarius Moon guy wants freedom, and that's probably the issue you fight about. The Virgo Rising means he's smart too, and may eventually want to commit more. Libra Suns also love relationships. I don't know what makes you have difficulties, and so it's hard to say. But with this amount of info, I'd say don't smother him, make him feel he has room. And you with a Sag rising and Moon should also have a lot going on that doesn't involve him. I hope that helps. Hi, I'm a Taurus sun, Sag rising, and sag moon. I'm trying to date a libra sun, Virgo rising, Aquarius moon guy. It's been difficult.

Any hope? Well, it's all fire signs. Sag Sun means you are a person who is intelligent and interested in travel to and different cultures, education, philosophies and all religions. The Leo Moon is warm and caring, you like to entertain and have a busy social life.

His Leo Sun means he is proud and extravagant, still a fire sign but more stubborn. He also loves entertaining and probably demands a lot of attention, Leos are high maintenance. But the Sag moon gives similar interests that I gave for you. His moon may make him want freedom more than settling down, but your Sag Sun does the same. It would still work for romance and marriage though.

These Joyful, Free-Spirited Folk Tell it Like it Is

I need a lot more info to do an astrology chart though. When I answer questions like this, 8 other planets in signs and houses, plus your ascendants and aspects on distance of the planets is being ignored. You can find more at jeanbakula. I would like to know how compatible my partner and I are. Is marriage possible for us or we better off as romantic partners? We really love each other but have been breaking up and making up quite a lot over the years.

Sag Sun people are interesting. They are smart and freedom loving, but will stand up for what they believe. The Moon is his emotions, and he isn't a hearts and flowers guy, but is fun and exciting to be with. The Mercury in Capricorn makes him a reliable and sensible thinker. The Scorpio Venus is sexy and so maybe he is more romantic than I first said.

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He can be jealous, but the Sag can dampen that. He likes to work with his hands with a Virgo Mars. I'd say he's intelligent, maybe not in a hurry to settle down, but love more deeply with the Venus in Scorpio, more seriously than I thought. He sounds nice! I answer these but they aren't an astrology chart, it's just a few facts I can tell from what info I have. My man is sag sun, sag moon, capricorn mercury, scorpio venus and virgo mars. Can you tell me more about him? He has a lot of Virgo in him, so he's a perfectionist.

Virgo Sun people are very smart, and witty in conversation. They are fun to talk to, and sort of restless, so he likes to go out a lot. They take good care of themselves, and can be a little on the hypochondriac side. I know a woman with a husband who plays softball and works in NY, an hour each way from home, and he's So those good health habits matter!

Virgos are kind and helpful, and faithful friends who will never say no if you need them, and having Venus there bears this out more. He is sociable and a loyal friend. He can be a little prudish when it comes to sex, he likes everything really clean like in the shower. But he will take care of you if you are sick, and he likes nature. The Mars in Virgo, again, he likes the outdoors and is active in some sports, but mostly for the friends there. He will landscape everything perfectly. The Sag Moon is for his emotions, he has a big heart, but also needs space, and doesn't want you to cling too much.

He may be a nag. But he will make you smile. I can't tell much more from this. I do have Characteristics of a Virgo Sun sign on Exemplore. I also have an article on Hubpages. Virgo sun sag moon, Virgo Venus and Virgo mars? Tell me about this man please. Thank you. It's nothing to worry about! The Sun is all about who you are and the parts of yourself you share with everyone.

The Moon is about emotions, and since Sag is a "what you see is what you get" kind of sign, without knowing more about you, I think you are pretty much an open book to others. Sag is such an honest sign. You crave freedom, but will tell anybody that. I have articles on Exemplore. Best Regards. This is a nice combo of planets. The Libra sun makes you outgoing and you like to get out on the town, throw parties and could be a good events planner. Libras like to do things in partnerships, whether it's living together or starting a biz with a good friend.

Leo Rising is a strong person, you say what you mean, but in a kind way, for the most part. Leos like a lot of attention, and also are very sociable. The Sag moon is about emotions, and you like being free, not really wanting to be tied down, or want a partner that's like your best friend.

Sag is very warm and friendly, smart, loves to travel. So all three of these show me a very sociable person, liked by others. Mercury is how you think, and with Virgo you are a bit picky and critical. But you are intelligent and can focus on what you work on. You like to learn also a Sag trait.

Venus in Scorpio is very sexy, but can make you jealous. But you can be loyal and faithful if the person means that much to you. The Virgo Mercury and outgoing signs make me think of working with the public, you are very pleasant, like a travel agent or cruise ship activities director. I don't see any big conflicts here, but remember, knowing what sign your planets are in is only a small portion of an astrology reading or Natal chart. You can read more about it on jeanbakula. My Moonsigns, including Sag, are on Exemplore. They all explain the meanings. I ask everyone to please stop emailing me lists of planets.

You can find the meanings of all the planets in the signs you asked for on the sites I mentioned. I'm sorry though, it's the Christmas season, and I can't interpret it all together for you for free. How is a person with Aries sun, sag moon, taurus mercury, pisces venus and aquariud mars like? You already seem to know some of these things, so I'm unsure why you are asking. With the Moon in the 4th house you were probably close to your Mom and wouid do well in real estate. The stellium in the 3rd house is your communication house, so you have good relationships with brothers, sisters and neighbors.

You really would do well in real estate, it's only a 75 hour course, and you seem to have the personality for it. I can't do a whole chart based on that info, it doesn't begin to cover the info I need. For those of you interested in ordering a horoscope, I am at jeanbakula. I'll try once more, but after this please don't write me with lists hoping for free readings. Three planets in a sign is called a stellium, and since they are in Scorpio you are a serious and very intense person.

You are stubborn but that can also be perseverance. Venus in Scorpio makes you possessive in love and friendships. The Virgo rising makes you organized and neat, and that, combined with the Sag moon, lightens up all those Scorpio planets. Your line up is very much like my son's. Sag helps you live and let live,and softens some of that Scorpio energy. You come on strong, but the Virgo may not show up until later in life.

I have a stellium in 3rd house and my Sag moon is in the 4th house, which is the house of cancer and the moon so I've been wondering what that means for my moon. Yes, the Moon will make her more optimistic. The Cancer Sun makes her a leader, and Taurus rising means she comes across as sensible and practical. My daughter is a Cancer sun, Taurus rising, and a Sagittarius moon.

I was happy to have given her a sag moon! Pisces people are very creative and see life as if they can fit in anybody's shoes. They can be passive and just follow the crowd. But the fire influences of Leo and Sag help that a lot. The Leo Ascendant makes people see you as very assertive, and the Sag moon means you like your freedom.

You like people and probably have a lot of friends and interests. Mercury in Aquarius gives you bright intellect and you are probably good at math and science, and are an original problem solver. I can't tell much about Midheaven without a whole chart. I am a Leo ascendant, Pisces sun, and Sagittarius moon. What are your thoughts about that combination? Also, my Mercury is in Aquarius and Midheaven in Aries if that adds more to your insight. Sun in Pisces makes you very compassionate and artistic, you are a very creative person. And with the Ascendant in Virgo, you have the discipline to finish any creative or other projects you start.

The Moon is Taurus means you want emotional security, we all want it, but you won't waste time on things or people if you think they are not as serious as you are. It's a nice combination. The Taurus and Virgo are Earth signs, making you practical and sensible, but the Sun in Pisces makes you a dreamer too, so you aren't too sensible and won't have any fun! You could make something creative and possibly sell it for money, open a small business of your own with this combination. Best wishes to you. Well, Virgo rising means you seem smart and studious, and people often come to you when they need to know something.

You are neat and clean, always care if you look neat, and may be a little critical. The Rising sign is opposite your Pisces sun, but opposite signs mean you want the same things, but want to go about getting them in different ways. So this is you, and you would have creative solutions to your problems. Be careful not to drink too much or experiment with drugs. I'm glad you have the Sag Moon, it will make you more optimistic and bring you out of yourself more.

You are very creative, I hope you play an instrument,or paint or have some other artistic outlet. You would be a good writer. That's a good combo. Sun in Scorpio makes you determined and ambitious. You are secretive and need time alone. You are a loyal friend. The Virgo rising is the way you look or the way people who don't know you think you are. You look studious, like a scholar, and like to talk a lot. The Moon is Sag means you probably don't want to get tied down if someone is going to stifle you, you need time for your own activities. Best wishes. Pisces sun , Sagittarius moon, Virgo rising here.

I loved what you said about the Sag moon and I find a lot of what you wrote to be accurate. I'm curious about your professional opinion on my Big 3 lol. I know for a fact I'm a lot less emotional than other pisces suns, however I can still pick up on energies and vibes in my surroundings. My sun and moon sign complement each other well in my personality but I'd like to know more about how my Virgo rising would affect my personality as well.

If it matters I have a lot of water in my chart as well, Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in pisces. Well, next time it would be great if you would write me at my blog. The rules keep changing on this site and we have more privacy on my own site. But no harm done. Nothing can negate your Sun sign, it's strong. Water puts out Fire when we think of the elements, so you are an adventurous Taurus. Sag influences make you love the outdoors something shared with Taurus. But Sag wants to go rock climbing, gliding, roller blading, things that take a lot of effort.

Taurus likes to sit back and smell the roses. They are very laid back. Deep down you still have Taurus influences. You are likely careful how you spend money and like to surround yourself in comfort. You don't really care what others think of you. Earth and Fire usually don't have much in common either, in all my years as an Astrologer I haven't seen many Fire and Earth couples, they don't click. You seem very perceptive about yourself, your guesses were all correct. I have a Venus series and a fictional Sunsign series on the blog where I made up characters to give a glimpse of what they would be like.

My son tells me they are all overachievers, but my goal was to show how the sign can be best utilized. We could always do a whole horoscope or a tarot reading, from the blog. If not, you seem to be on track. Take care and feel free to get in touch if you have more questions. The rest of my chart is dominated by Fire and Air. Does all this negate my Taurus Sun? I have never gotten along with Earth signs and I find Water signs mopey.

People are usually shocked to find out I am an Earth sign. Any insight or is there a different forum I should be using? You have to look it up in a book of planetary positions called an Ephemeris, and know the time you were born. Most Astrology books use Greenwich Mean Time, so you need to do a time calculation.

If you were thinking of Sagittarius Sunsign, that's around Nov. Again, you have to look your Sunsign up in the Ephemeris. There are many of them online, or sites where you can "plug in" your day, time and location of birth, and can find out what Moonsign you have. I gave you a link on the top left of this hub to use to find your Moonsign.

Moon in Sagittarius: Characteristics and Traits

One day I sat with a stack of horoscopes I had done over the years, and put the info in the sites. Many were wrong. So when I cast horoscopes for people, I do it myself, the old fashioned way. Many people think Astrology is just where your Sun was at the time of birth, but it's a picture of the sky, and every planet, plus the Moon, was in a sign, a house, and a distance from each other. All of those things matter. That's why I have broken Astrology down into so many hubs. Thanks for commenting, I hope that helps. Actually that's my BF's birthday. More of the earthy stable person.

I totally agree with what you say about depending on oneself for happiness. I will get back to you on the other comment box for Venus Gemini! Well, actually, your horoscope alters itself as life goes on. You either have a horoscope or an ephemeris, the book which tells you where the planets were any day of any year. I don't know how old you are.

Let's pretend you are The sun is so close that your Progressed sun at age 25 would be in zero degrees of Libra. So you would be an air sunsign instead of the Virgo. Your moon would be in Sag. I'm not sure where you get your info, but you can go to a New Age store and ask for a Progressed Chart, for the age you are now. That's more romantic, ardent, fixed.

I don't do whole horoscopes anymore. My interests are more with the tarot and other things now. But the computer ones are not expensive, and are good. So many people ask me, I just can't do charts, though I'll answer a few questions here. You know, you always have free will and the power to change yourself to be the way you want to be.

Don't depend on a man for happiness. If you find it, great. But sometimes you find someone when you aren't looking, and sometimes we need new interests. Check out the Progressed Chart. Any New Age store can do it for you. Take care, and let me know how it works out. You may email me at home through here. Tell other people to read my stuff, I am finally getting a payout!

I was re-reading your previous articles and now as I get older, I actually wish that I have more Fire signs in me. I used to not like Fire signs as I see them as rash, impulsive, wilful and so on. However, these days, it seems like Fire signs are the drive I need so much in life to charge forward. Sad to say I only have 2 Fire signs in my Natal chart and half of it is made up of Earth signs.

Do you think there is a way that people can actually alter their charts and make it not the way it is? Definitely- I always think of creative ways to express myself and spend my time! But, despite all the fire energy, I also gravitate towards calm energy, stability and need down-time to think and relax :. Thanks, Jean, and Happy New Year!

Thanks for the positive feedback! You must be a very creative person with all that fire energy! I have a hub on Ascendants in here somewhere. If you find it, there is a link to discover your Rising sign or Ascendant, if you don't know already. You need to know your birth time within 2 hrs. Hi Jean. This is a great hub! I am an Aries on the cusp with Pisces with a Saggitarius moon sign, and what you wrote describes me to a T :. Keep on writing! I appreciate that fact that you read my hubs. Your BF can be experiencing the dreaded Saturn return, and if so, things he doesn't expect will start to happen.

Sometimes when we are forced to rise to the occasion, it forces us to grow. Maybe that will be the case here. I hope it all works out the way you want. But I think taking some "time off" to reconsider things is a good idea. And not just for him. You have to consider what you want out of life too, ayu, because you want more than him. I'm not saying he's not the "one", but even if we love and make one person our world, we still need a life of our own with our own interests and friends. All the best. I just feel like something is holding my BF up and making not able to be the real person he really is.

Maybe it's just my imagination, haha. Well I just want the best for him ultimately. And yep we are taking some time off now so that he can evaluate his life and what he really wants to achieve, saturn return I say! I hope that things will take a good turn after that. Lastly, I am not getting anywhere with Astrology! It's all just random readings for me! I'm no where near anything to read for others! I have given this some thought and really can't say astrologically why your BF if acting as he is, unless he doesn't want the relationship to go further. Virgos are outgoing once you get to know them.

Sag is a "friend" moon. My son is a double Scorpio, but has 3 Sag planets. He's downright sunny, thankfully for the Sag planets, and Virgo rising! Otherwise he would have been Goth and hiding from others all his life. He likes women, but is usually the one everyone thinks of as a "friend. That will change, I see a marriage in his chart, but when he's older.

Mars in Scorpio is usually active, or wanting to do and find out everything about a subject that interests your BF. I can't draw up horoscopes on HP friends, I get too many requests. It may be the aspects as I said, distances the planets are apart, I have a hub on that. It's very hard to change someone, and at my age I've learned you shouldn't try. I know you care alot about him, but people don't really change much, believe me. You seem to be moving forward in your own life.

You are getting good at Astrology, maybe you could make some extra income casting horoscopes? Maybe someone else will come along who suits you better? I understand how hard it is when you have invested your love and time in a relationship. But life gets tougher, and if you have problems together now, it's not going to get easier. Think very carefully, and in the end you must do what is best for yourself. I hope that helps a little. Sag moon will give you lots of freedom, but they aren't erratic or moody. Every planet is in a sign too, as you know, and in a house, and has aspects.

It may be that he is just irresponsible or won't settle down. I know that's not what you want to hear now. I think a counselor would be a great job for you! My bf has Sag-Moon and he is almost nothing like how you described! How is that even possible?

The only thing I can link him up with Sag-Moon is that he totally gives me all the freedom I need even when I am neglecting him doing dumb stuff that most guys would deem as time-wasting. Also, he is really erratic in his actions like maybe today he said he is gonna do something and then 2 hours later he totally just turned so laidback and decided that he needs to rest. Or if he promised to do something by end of today, it will only probably be done next month. Is that common for Sag-moon? Or is he just irresponsible? I find that sometimes I find it so hard to relate to his Moon and why is he so disorganised and unfocused as compared to my own Capricorn Moon.

I hope you can enlighten me on this as he is totally not acting like any of his signs. I find it troubling and it might have something to do with some other parts in his birthchart that isnt't that good He has good signs I think but just wondering why is he so not outgoing and so not spontaneous Hope you can give some advice and not getting really sick of my questions :. Click on the link above and insert your birthday. It will tell you what your Moon Sign is if you have never had a professional horoscope done! No, your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign make up what's called the trinity.

Then all the other planets were in a sign at the time of your birth. They were all in one of 12 different houses of the zodiac too. It's much more complicated than people think. It tells you which books can help you learn more. Most important is an Ephemeris. Thanks for reading! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, exemplore. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Jean Bakula more. Sagittarius the Archer. Sagittarius Moon Sign People The person seated next to you at the party is quite interesting.

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