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Love sign compatibility: Comparing Venus signs in Astrology
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Most Compatible: Cancer, Virgo. Venus in Virgo keep their love on lockdown. These types aren't easily swept up in the allure of a passionate romance. These signs open themselves up only to those they deem worthy of their time and efforts.

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Once they've found their match, however the Venus in Virgo lover is one of the most loyal, reliable, and dependable partners you could ask for. They will express their love by doing favors, and helping you pursue your goals. Most Compatible: Libra, Pisces. Flirtatious Venus in Libra can't help themselves- they love to be in love!

#Ahrtstrology: The Venus signs and songs about how they express love

They're sign is ruled by the planet of love and these signs appreciate all that can be infatuating, including music, art, and other people! They are blessed with beauty and have excellent taste in clothes and in romantic partners. You'll want to put in a few extra minutes of thought into your appearance and your outfit if you're want things to go well with a Venus in Libra sign. Most Compatible: Gemini, Capricorn.

Oh Scorpio, how notorious you are when it comes to love. Don't assume Venus in Scorpio parades around like a celestial nymph because of their sexual nature. While they crave intimacy, they're also vary wary of who they let into their hearts and beds. Suspicious Scorpio in Venus will work to uncover all your truths before agreeing to move forward in a relationship. While they hate to admit it, these signs can be quite jealous. They're the ones you'll see hacking into their lover's phones and digging for signs of unfaithfulness.

Nothing to worry about though. Show your Venus in Scorpio lover honesty and trustworthiness to connect with the souls of these intense creatures. Venus in Sagittarius treats love like an adventure, or an opportunity for growth. They enjoy spending time learning about their partners and in turn they enjoy how a relationship can teach them about themselves. They don't always commit as easily as others would like given their desire to roam. These signs need a partner with a sense of adventure who is willing to take the passenger seat and enjoys letting their partner take the wheel.

Most Compatible: Aries, Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn take love quite seriously. The Moon shows your inherent emotional nature, how you form bonds, what you need to feel nurtured and cared for, and how you nurture and care for others. Mercury is the planet of the thinking mind. Its sign placement reveals how you communicate, what you're curious about, and how you understand and process information. Your Ascendant , sometimes called the Rising Sign, is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the location and moment of your birth.

You'll need complete birth data date, time, and location to know both the Ascendant and Descendant. Once you know your Ascending Sign, the sign on your Descendant is easy. The sign on your Descendant is the sign opposite your Ascending sign. As an example, if your Ascending sign is Aries, the sign on the Descendant will be Libra. It's always good to have compatible sign connections by both Jupiter and Saturn to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Descendant, and personal planets between partner's horoscopes. Look particularly for your partner's Sun, Moon, and personal planets that occupy signs that are harmonious with your Saturn and visa-versa.

These are important markers of commitment. The outer planets are slow moving generational planets that stay in one astrological sign for years. Unless your ages are very different, it's likely you and your significant other have all three outer planets in the same astrological sign. They represent qualities that are not part of the physical world and that don't typically identify as reality. Individuals who are in a relationship that has many outer planet connections to personal planets will find that they are in a relationship that will, in one way or another, transform their life.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion. It's about questioning the rules and defying authority. Its sign placement indicates where you think for yourself and do it your way. If it occupies a sign that is compatible with your lover's planets and points, or vice-versa, it injects sudden change, unconventionality, experimentation, and instability into a relationship. Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, romance, addictions, spirituality, compassion, and confusion. And because they do this in a caring manner instead of in a forceful manner Aries or strategic manner Capricorn , they sometimes doubt their efforts.

Leos are very loyal and will do a lot for their partners and friends. However, this can not go unnoticed or unreciprocated. Leos need people to show them that they are thankful by returning the favor and then some.

2. List Sun, Moon, and Planets for Each

However, the need to serve is definitely present, and there is nothing worse than someone who consistently takes from a Virgo and never gives back. A Virgo will continue to give even to their own detriment. This is why a Virgo needs someone who not only returns a favor but someone who just starts helping from the very beginning without having to be asked.

Libras are very indecisive. They easily can get caught up in what people think or feel about them. They constantly are trying to define themselves and figure out who they are by mirroring others. You will have to elaborate as to why they are beautiful- in what ways, specific examples, etc.

They are an air sign haha it comes with further questioning! Scorpios are intense. Even if they come off light because of a misleading Ascendant or some other placement, there is a distinct side to them that is serious, edgy, and somewhat dark. They also feel relieved knowing that not everyone is scared of or drowns in their depths.

Sagittarius loves freedom: freedom of thought, expression, creativity, expansion, knowledge, etc. And they also love people because they provide endless learning and love to share their experiences of freedom and knowledge with other people, which can be a problem because people can slow them down. People come with baggage and responsibilities and can lead to becoming attached, which can influence someone to put down roots, which petrifies them. The run-on sentence is necessary to accurately depict their very real fear of this and them running away.

But seriously this is why a Sag needs someone who calms that inner fear of being tied down because they know they have found someone to run free with. Capricorns show they care in a behind-the-scenes manner. They do it through helping and performing tasks- possibly doing things that are needed instead of wanted. This is why when a Capricorns finds someone who acknowledges and appreciates their efforts, they are likely to do even more for that person and consider them as really valuable.

They want a companion but not one who wants to completely merge because 1. More than any other sign, Pisces really have a need to merge with another person. They are really looking for that fated connection, their soul mate. They need to know that there may be a billion other people in the world and that no one in that billion could replace them. They likely enjoy heated, somewhat argumentative relations, yet with a boldness and the spirit of adventure. This is a passionate and initially intense energy. They likely admire the determined, loyal and grounded energy of others, people that they can feel safe and familiar with.

These relationships are often changeable, comedic and can even be somewhat sweet if not odd at times. Venus in Cancer: These individuals enjoy devotion and a full heart, where there is a soul to soul connection and a certain sensitivity. Venus in Leo: This is a placement that seeks full fledged adoration and dedication, a generosity with both time and affection.

Yet, as time passes, they may find people that bring their own worries or feelings of shame into the light, much like a liberator. Restriction will not be tolerated, but they admire the comedic and inspiring traits of others. Venus in Aquarius: This is a placement that seeks often modern, open, connections with an emphasis on freedom. They are normally very open and blunt and they will tell you what they want and how they want it.

They are very likely to take the lead and show you how they like it by guiding your hands or just straight-off telling you. They will take your breath away with their tremendous passion and intensity and they know how to touch and kiss you until you are begging for more. They probably like little fights under the sheets with a lot of body touching.

They possess an incredible amount of energy and passion, so give them all you have and more. Heat is very important, hold them, trace your fingertips over their skin, they want to feel your warmth. Playing with their hair, running your finger through it or even pulling it a little and touching their face is a big turn-on since Aries is the ruler of the head area. They will enjoy touching you, hearing you breathe, tasting your lips and skin.

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They take their time because they need to capture every inch of you and every moment you have together. They just generally like to have you around them which is why they are great cuddlers and will hold you very tighly to make you feel safe. They looove spending every free minute in bed where it is warm and they are alone with you. They will love to know every inch of you because they are best with the things they know. Give them a lot of physical affection, they want to really feel that they are loved.

They probably like some good and alluring lingerine or a nice wine since they appreciate everything that intensifies the pleasures of love. They might also enjoy kisses on the neck or dirty talk since they are the ruler of the throat. They are very charming and know exactly what to say according to the situation you are in. You will feel like their best friend because they want to tell their loved one everything they feel and all that has importance for them.

They are unbelievably stormy lovers who love to spice it up, take you on adventures and try something new and they know damn well how to kiss. Open communication is very important for this placement. They need fun in a relationship which is why they love playing games. Tease them, try new things, role-play and kiss them in every way possible because they love this shit.

Intellectual and deep conversations are extremely arousing for them, so take your time, listen to them and discuss things with them before you take it to the next level. But most of all they want you to be theirs entirely, they want to be able to touch and kiss you as often as possible. Venusian Cancers can sense your feelings and are able to adapt to them.

They will not only love but admire you for the beauty you possess inside out. Once they feel comfortable around you they will want to explore the adventures of love with you but they will most likely enjoy staying in because there they will not have to share you and are not afraid to be themselves. Hugs and every other act of physical affection means security for them and therefore is a way to show them that they are safe.

Not only physically but also mentally they search for a deep connection, so do not be afraid to show how you feel and what you want.

Everything You Need To Know About Your VENUS Sign - All 12 Signs 2019

Feeling is immensely important to them and you have to give them time to sort out what kind of emotion they sense when they are around you. But when they know what they feel around you, they open up to the point where everything is just natural, warm and suprisingly passionate. They enjoy looking good and getting the attention of those around them.

They will dress, walk and talk to impress you and their facial as well as physical expressions sparkle with sex appeal. Probably most of all, they are persistent to the core and if they want you, they will hunt you like a lion ess.

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  5. They are very energetic and wild and most likely intoxicate you with their honesty and straightforwardness. While they want sex to first and foremost be a pleasure for them, they can not stand to be anything less but the best lover you had, which is why they will want to indulge you until you are completely satisfied just to see the gleam in your eyes or the smile on your face.

    They like to know that you want to be exclusively with them and desire to possess you. They can only feel good in your surrounding when they are comfortable with who they are around you which is why they want to look good for you. This placement wants to experience love with burning passion and just a hint of drama which is why they usually enjoy trying out new things in the bedroom or other locations.

    What Your Venus Sign Reveals About How and Who You Love

    You need to stand out from the crowd to catch the attention of this sign speak with passion, show your unique talents,.. They are very intelligent and reliable which is why you will feel safe in their surrounding. While they may come off as shy, sweet and polite, Virgos in Venus have serious potential to be aroused by kinks and everything unusual.

    They pay close attention to your body language and therefore know exactly what turns you on, determined to use that knowledge to your benefit. If you take the lead and express your ideas and desires in an open manner, those fantasies can turn into reality and bring some real passion under the sheets. They might feel a little insecure about their looks but they will give you all the love they have when you show them that they are the most beautiful person on earth for you.

    They generally expect you to be thoughtful and to see the details. They can not be with someone who is not able to read their body or face or think of something to make them feel better when they are sad. They are sweet and caring and love to spoil you with kisses, flowers and other affections in any form. Their smiles are usually disarming and they are polite from their head to their feet. They want pretty much everything to be beautiful which is why they will set the mood before having sex, lighting candles or arranging the sheets.

    Being beautiful themselves is also very important since sensual lingerine or red lips can get them exactly what they want. They are gentle lovers who enjoy being touched softly and with meaning but can definitely roughen up when they feel a strong connection to you. A surrounding of peace and understanding is more than arousing for their sexual appetite and they will want to spend some time in bed with you when they feel comfortable and loved around you.

    Romance is what keeps them lively and happy in a relationship and they will care for you if you fulfill their fantasies fuelled by movies and books now and then. They can be very intimidating and mysterious but you long to uncover and know them although they may seem cold and reserved when you first meet them. They seem to promise intensity and commitment and are deeply sensual when it comes to sexual pleasures. They want to feel everything and combine deep physical and mental understanding to a sort of ecstatic experience.

    A Scorpio in Venus partner makes you feel understood and desired and sweeps you off your feet with their overwhelming passion which can be sensed in a very high sex drive. They love warmth and fire and people that sparkle with energy and life and passion is one of the essential things they need for an exciting sex life. Intimacy is also very important for them and they will not like it if you are someone who kisses and tells or drags your private life into the public.

    Honestly, there is not much you can actually do when the connection between you two is lacking. A Scorpio Venus will always love deeply and unconditionally when they sense a certain depth, loyalty and chemistry. They can easily slip into excessive behaviour and you start to wonder where all those life inside them comes from. They are not bound by restrictions or rules and everything is just so easy and exciting with them, no secrets or taboos or pudency.

    They have a certain innocence about them and in bed they just charm you with endless giggles because they love to laugh. They are very direct in their approach to love and sex, so do not expect them to play with ambiguity, it is more likely that they will straight away tell you when they want to have sex. So you should better tell them what you want straight away and they will surely appreciate that.

    Be open-minded and adventurous because they enjoy giving their love and sex life a new direction. They want love to feel like it is light and pure joy instead of serious business. They might charm you with some very traditional flirting rules, like holding the door for you or taking your jacket. They can be real charmers, because they seem aloof and considerate at the same time. Their sexuality is deep and powerful but not a thing they want to be dragged out in public. What they do in the bedroom is a silent secret between the two of you and they would never hurt your intimate connection by kissing and telling.

    Their approach to love is very mature, so they probably will not connect with persons that are volatile or unreliable. In bed they trust in experience and consistency because they probably know how they like it best and how it feels perfect for the both of you. If you want them to do something for you or to try something new, you have to challenge them because they are eager to prove their love for you every day. In fact, Capricorn Venus is a placement that feels very deeply but may never tell you about their emotions but you can show them that you understand this by holding them or just being there for them.

    They just generally are not that good with commitment and like freedom, which is why some of them may not like the idea of a relationship at all. They are, however, very experimental when it comes to their sex-life and they love to try new things, although they might be too shy to turn their fantasies into reality. Talking about your ideals, philosophies or mantras is very interesting to them and also kind of arousing. They like intelligent people who look behind the nature of things. They need their freedom under all circumstances.

    If you can show them that you will not try to change them or restrict them in any way and make them feel like they are in the company of a good friend, you stand good chances of receiving their undivided love. People with this placement will love you for who you truly are and they would give up themselves to please you.

    Nothing gives them more joy than to give and receive love and being their partner leaves you fulfilled and strangely complete. Their fantasies often mix with reality and they often seem more like a desired dream of yours. They pay attention to the details and love physical affection, so it is not unusual that a little touch from your fingertips leaves them with a racing heart. They want physical and mental intensity and search for purity and immense feelings in bed.

    Not only a connection to reality but also a strong contact to dreams and fantasy is required if you want to understand them. They search for someone tender-hearted who holds them when they are sad but is also able to turn their romantic ideals into reality. You should not be too straight-forward but gentle, also in bed. Although they enjoy caring for you and fulfilling your pleasures, you should definitely show them that you adore and admire them for who they are.

    They actually enjoy to try out new things and passionate people really turn them on. With Venus in rising, you are warm, sociable and beautiful, a quality that you also admire in others. Money and things you can buy are important to you. Fortunately, you tend to earn money easily. Lover of literature, you express yourself eloquently, and your verbal skills attract others. You also have good interaction with your brothers and sisters.

    A good position for a writer or a speaker. It is a pleasure to take advantage of your company: you react positively to people and you make the most of life. You will never lack love. When one prospers, the same goes for the other. You meet potential candidates through your work, which also allows you to make friends and inspire affection. A job that allows you to realize yourself brings happiness, improves your health and makes you more attractive. This position brings an attractive selection of potential partners, and the ability to create an affectionate relationship.

    Business associations are also beneficial. Your love life is probably a labyrinth of complications. Money tends to come to you, often through marriage or inheritance. People you meet through your work, including friends and partners, feel immediately attracted to you. You are the center of your social circle, a natural leader, and devoted. You easily attract both friends and partners. Aries : hiking, haircuts, waterparks, sushi, photography, watching comedies with all your friends, old bookstores. Taurus : watching movies in dark rooms, making food for parties, sundresses, braids, music festivals.

    Gemini : hanging out with friends at the beach, staying up all night, ice cream trucks, making chalk murals in the driveway. Cancer : watching the stars with someone you love, cooking, lace, taking pictures of the beach on a cloudy day, rainbows, holding hands. Libra : amusement parks, spa days, bikinis, visiting family, tanning, concerts, sunflowers, taking a walk with someone you love, sports. Scorpio : new lipstick, listening to music with someone you love, random summer storms, effortless beauty, multicolored nails, road trips, scary stories around the campfire.

    Sagittarius : parties, dancing, summer flames, traveling to a different country, crop tops, meeting new people. Capricorn : fun summer jobs, starting new shows on netflix, cooking new dishes, going to the mountains, fireflies, walks during warm summer nights, iced tea, sleepover games. Aquarius : painting the sunset, driving a vintage hot rod, underground concerts, going to the pool, watering plants. Pisces : smoothies, classical concerts, seeing old friends, sketching outside, flowers, driving to the city.

    Aries moon: You need to stop rushing into things because you feel like it. You need to learn that feeling strongly about something does NOT always mean you have to act on it. Use your head for once. It may be better not to start something rashly that would be a waste of productive time so… do learn to weigh the pros and cons something your sister sign Libra excels at.

    Normally what happens is you start something on an impulse but you grow bored of it quickly and divert your attention elsewhere. You excel at initiation, but you lack endurance and perseverance. This emotional need for excitement and new projects can hold you back in your life, especially in most careers where skill like patience and perseverance are highly sought after or required. Taurus moon: You need to learn to get your mind out of the gutter.

    This applies to both possessions and principles. This leads to stagnancy and a feeling of being stuck… And you know why! Learn to prioritise rationality over comfort and it will become gradually easier to step out of your comfort zone. Unlike Aries, you excel at persevering but lack initiative. And if you end up at a disadvantage then at least you know for certain whether it is worth your time or not. Gemini moon: You need to find stability in every aspect of life, especially emotionally.

    All that chaotic Mercury energy might seem fun and great at first, but gemini moon natives can find themselves feeling lost, confused and annoyed with their scattered mind. It is therefore extremely important to find some grounding influence if you want to achieve personal growth and, for this particular moon, a way to calm the restless mercurial energy or risk imploding in on yourself with your propensity to rationalise and analyse your emotions instead of simply feeling them.

    Your strength lies in your resourcefulness and ability to bounce back from most difficult situations.

    Venus in Aries

    This changeable nature also means your moods are like the wind.. You need to learn to develop empathy for others or at least be supportive of their emotions rather than dismissive. You need to stop avoiding working through your emotions and get over with the painful process sooner rather than later. Most importantly, you need to find a core. Stick to your plans, see what happens. Cancer moon: Stop giving into your emotions. While you do feel emotions more strongly than most, you let them control you too much and they guide all of your actions. In order for this moon to reach true self-actualisation you must develop objectivity.

    You have to develop your rational skills and actively attempt to distance yourself emotionally from situations; this will be extremely difficult but it is vital for your growth and it will help you feel more in control of your emotions. Moreover, you need to stop being so stuck in the past - your sentimentality means your past or childhood memories had profound effects on you that you tenaciously cling to, but you must let go and live in the present, look towards the future.

    The possibility are endless which is why looking to the past to guide the present and future is so detrimental and counterproductive.

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