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Rainfall is expected in the earlier phase in any month as per our observation in the past. This is a momentous observation as it removes the confusion between solar and lunar calendars. This establishes that Time works along with solar calendar only, with lunar months aligned with solar months and not independently of solar months.

Now coming to the comparison between Chennai and Cuddalore, one can see close dates of rainfall between the two places. The table is based on the observation as until 12 th February. Its our wish that people from other regions also start watching the sky for Garbottam and and help us form a data base to know about the rainfall prospects well in advance. Ideally one must start daily observation from the month of Karthigai, for only then pre-monsoon rainfall prospects from Chithirai April- may can be gauged. By the simple rule of rainfall coming in the 6 th solar month from the month of Garbottam observation, we can say that if it rains in Karthigai, there will be no rains in Chitthirai.

If it is cloudy in Karthigai and Margazhi, peak summer would be less hot as rains can be expected in Chithirai and Vaikasi — the period of Agni Nakshatra. This would have a chain effect on the 6 th month from then onwards, with Purattasi and Aippasi coming 6 th from Chithirai and Vaikasi. With the data in our hand collected so far we see daily Garbottam supporting rains in May and Solar Garbottam showing lack of rains in October. But as we keep observing on a daily basis, we would know for sure whether October dryness is indicated in Daily observation also.

When all these three concur, rainfall is very much certain. This year I will be giving all these three in bunches of relevance to 2 months as and when Daily Garbottam is progressing. This makes it easy to analyse the scenario and compare with real time rainfall. Any discrepancies with real time rainfall can be further analysed to fine-tune the predictive tools. Given below is the Daily Garbottam observation which I started from December 28 th , the day Solar Garbottam started. Only rainfall expected dates are given along with the Garbottam details.

Some interesting observations are written below the chart. The first column is the date of observation of Daily Garbottam. I included the overcast days of cyclone Phethai which went on for 2 days but split between 2 Solar months. The result is that rainfall months also were split. The first date in April is not supported by Planetary yogas.

If it rains on that date April , it means Phethai clouds can be counted as Garbottam. In future, failed cyclones that pass off without rains can be counted for prediction of rainfall later. As one scrolls down the data, one finds the rainfall dates suddenly changing by nearly a month for two consecutive Garbottam dates of Jan 1 st and 2 nd. This happens due to the piling up of days in lunar cycle. Every 3 rd year, the lunar month more or less coincides with Solar month.

Hak Cipta:

After that every year the days are accruing in lunar month to such an extent that we find two similar phases in the same solar month — eg: few Tithis of waxing phase occurring in the beginning and end of the solar month. In I was faced with the dilemma of which one to pick up.

I found that it rained in the tithi of the phase coming in the beginning of the solar month. This year with same phases occurring twice in the same solar month, I have assigned the dates to the phase coming in the beginning of the month. As a result the reader will find May 15 th coming after June 12 th. If the rainfall pattern follows this, my observation can be taken as reliable. This year this period coincides with Agni Nakshatra period. Till the last week of May, rainfall is indicated. After this, rainfall is indicated from June 8 th onwards. There is no planetary yoga for June rainfall in Chennai.

If it rains, this is purely on the strength of Daily Rainfall. The next important date comes on July 7 th. This is supported by very good Garbottam in Daily Garbottam. This date is also supported by Solar Garbottam and planetary yoga of Mercury starting retrogression in the sign Cancer and crossing Mars backwards. By this Mars comes in the lead indicating heat aided rainfall Veppa Chalanam. It could also mean a meteorological event happening. Given below are the relevant parts of the Solar Garbottam chart for comparison with the Daily Garbottam chart given above.

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As and when rainfall occurs, those dates will be incorporated for comparison and reproduced at the end of the year for assessing the reliability of prediction through these methods and also for learning and improvising. All the three concur with the date starting from July 7th when Mercury starts retrogression. Whether this synchrony results in a meteorological event will add a new leaf to our understanding of astro-meteorology.

ചിങ്ങം - കന്നി രാശിക്കാരുടെ ഈ മാസം 2019 ഫെബ്രുവരി രാശിഫലം l Jayashree l Astrology

Checking Daily Garbottam is the most challenging exercise, as one has to be in station and be watchful of the sky. His observations will be posted in another blog. This is ancient wisdom, lost and forgotten but resurrected again now. With more people getting involved we can make this branch of knowledge vital, viable and helpful in rainfall- prediction.

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Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram. The Sign: Gemini. Part of the night eclipsed: The night or day, in the case of solar eclipse is divided into 7 equal parts. That part of the night when the eclipse happens is noted for prediction.

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This time it happened in 5 th and 6 th part. Direction of commencement of eclipse: Started from northern part of the lunar disc. Ch Inference: The commencement t north affects Brahmins. Picture credit: bharanivt Shape of the eclipse: There are 10 types of eclipse depending on the shape of the eclipsed part. This time three fourth of the disc was eclipsed at maximum. Overall assessment: Suffering to all sections of society except Kshatriyas army is indicated and we are witness to this now.

The vandalism at Bridavanam and death at Kanchi temple refer to suffering to Brahmins; Business losses and hardship to working class is also evident on account of the floods. Herbivorous animals refers to domesticated animals that are likely to be affected by floods. Affliction to ministers was seen in the fall of Kumaraswamy ministry in Karnataka. The amazing part of this assessment is the extent of eclipse witnessed in different places. And who can deny that it requires an eclipse to eclipse the undemocratically installed government of Kumaraswamy?

Mercury and Venus cross each other from behind rather than in opposite directions Planetary Yogas present in September: Mercury —Venus closeness begins on 6 th September and lasts till November 11 th No spoiler present as far as I could see. Comes directly behind Venus Trigger to rainfall. Heavy rainfall. Landfall if cyclonic.

Venus and Mercury combine in earthy sign of Libra in close degrees. Venus begins transit in Swati in the western sky The combined effect of these two will give maximum rainfall from NEM in October. Confirmed observations that facilitate rainfall in Mercury and Venus must be in close degrees. To know the planetary yogas of rainfall for click this link The above table shows the next probable period between September 6 th and November 11 th.


Venus in western sky in Swati, Vishaka and Anuradha favours rainfall The location of Venus in certain stars in west or eastern sky during rainy months had greatly helped or spoiled the rainfall scenario. Having stated the favourable transits, let me state the unfavourable transits too. Confirmed observations that spoil rainfall in Planets in opposition to Venus and Mercury. Mars ahead of all planets scorches the earth. Rainfall prospects between July- November In the immediate future Budha-Shukra sameepyam has almost begun now with a separation of just 9 degrees between them at the time of writing this.

Rainfall scenario for Chennai based on Solar Garbottam The solar Garbottam observation related rainfall period posted earlier in January 11, is reproduced below. It is important to note that this transit is going to last for almost a month. This combination in horoscopy design is given below.

Meanwhile I have another interesting information to tell. Solar Garbottam for Cuddalore A marked revelation is that November is going to be dry for both Cuddalore and Chennai. All 39 passengers and seven crew members onboard escaped unhurt. Comparing horoscopes made on basis of takeoff time and exact moment of accident, many features were found common in all accidents.

Her analysis on how the moon's influence determines the extent of fatalities and Jupiter leads to disaster was published in the July issue of Astrology magazine. If so, why does the same planetary position not have adverse effects on other aircrafts flying in India and elsewhere? Jayashree explains this with a simple analogy. Everyday certain moments are impregnated with some fatality. It propagates the 4 varnas and adds 3 more. It gives many rules of the society that are not found in Manu neeti. As far as Tamil people were concerned the only Manu neeti they knew was that of a Chola king killing his son as a punishment for accidentally killing a calf.

The higher that one is in the ladder of responsibility, the severe the punishment is. This is forgotten in the din caused by Poralees. The British thought Manu neeti was imposed by Brahmins on the native tribes by keeping themselves in the top level. They didn't consider Brahmins as Aryans because they weren't like 'them'- as the British considered themselves and other Europeans as the original stock of Aryans.

The British knew very well the position of Brahmins in every village. The Brahmins were either found in temples worshiping deities or giving tips on the time for agricultural operations. Colonial records show that Brahmins did not enjoy power. They were part of the society like anybody else and they didn't occupy the position to dictate terms or create prejudice against any community. But the British continued to have an obsession with the Brahmins. They observed and recorded every habit of Brahmins but used those details to deride them.

Perhaps they compared themselves, 'the inhabitants of the Aryan homeland' with the Brahmins of India and deduced that the Brahmins were in no way superior to them. They recorded the accurate head count of the Brahmins in the census reports whereas scores of others were just mentioned without any detail. This was so until close to their departure from our country.

Census report of says the following. Even if no one is called as a Shudra, the British could not stop wondering how that could be! The result was that they created identities for many people who already had a traditional identity — not as castes — but based on lineage or some historical reasons.

The kind of bungling that British did in grouping the people into castes resulted loss of old memories which were continuing as valuable oral and historical records from time immemorial and creation of division among the people, now exploited by anti-Hindu poralees of Tamilnadu. For more details, read my article jayasreesaranathan.

The links to colonial records and Indian language researches given in my article above no longer exist in the web. They are in the custody of Uni of Chicago. Shouldn't they be with Indian Govt? At least the colonial census records must be brought to India. Missing some Tweet in this thread?

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jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology
jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology
jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology
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jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology
jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology
jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology
jayasree saranathan astrology Jayasree saranathan astrology

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