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The Difference Between Pisces Sun & Moon...

She must grow so she never feels stuck in a relationship. Most likely, along with Gemini Moons, to remain friends with their exes. Deeply sensitive yet super practical, this Moon will not tolerate emotional fluff. This Moon loves structure and a practical approach to solving relationship problems. This integrity can make evolved Scorpio Moons a winning match, and earth Moons are typically winners as well. An independent Moon, this sign craves dialogue, discourse, and discovery.

Aquarius Moons can handle polyamory well and anything that smacks of the avant garde. They need freedom and stimulation, though, like Sag, they can get locked into a one-sided view of what is right. Some kind of spiritual life and a calm environment will help her blossom. She is service-oriented and must learn to set boundaries to avoid depleting her energy. This Moon makes a lovely companion to Virgo and Capricorn. A settled Sag Moon or a self-reliant Scorpio might find companionship here as well.

Pisces Moon Sign People

Pisces may like the nurturing of a Cancer moon but will struggle with fire moons and the remoteness of Aquarius. She was big-hearted, warm, and loved the give and take of emotions. As with any astrological connection, you can make anything work, depending on how hard you are willing to try.

I told Ally that Dave was never going to be the warm, adoring type, though he could learn to speak a love language that felt more natural for her. Was she willing to give herself more of the love she was seeking from Dave?

Pisces Moon Sign: Personality and Characteristics

If not, no matter how good other components were, she would always feel emotionally shut out by him. Ally took a few weeks to consider. When she came for another session, she reported that she had decided to step back from the relationship. Your Moon sign is vital to co-creating a lasting, satisfying relationship with yourself and with another. Understanding needs and emotional patterns by knowing Moon signs will give you a head start in navigating both new and established relationships—and relationships with family and friends, too.

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Moon in Pisces - Traits & Characteristics

They can both see their own unstable and unreliable portrait in their counter-part, so instead of trying to build mutual trust and changing themselves, they get caught in the attempt to be honest sometimes and dishonest sometimes, without attempting to see the fault in their own natures. What they need is more heart-to-heart chats to sort out this crippling issue of mutual mis-trust.

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The Fish are very friendly, have all kinds of friends and do not discriminate between caste, creed or economic status. The 12th zodiac sign natives are selfless and are always ready to help others without any ulterior motives. They do not even expect a favour to be returned. The Fish are very emotional, intuitive, have large reserves of empathy and possess great artistic talents.

Love Compatibility in the Astrological Chart: The Moon | Keen

These natives are also generous, very faithful and caring. They usually have the best emotional rapport with other people. The Pisces Pisces love match is very high because this romance is like a fairytale, and their perfect emotional and intellectual connect is something that no other sign can achieve with them. The way they care for each other is an example for people around them to follow. Their changeable quality will manifest through emotional changes and inconsistent behaviour. But in a Pisces-Pisces Love relationship, their rapport is so good that they will naturally know when to come closer and when to maintain a distance to prevent the equation from getting boring.

The Pisces-Pisces sexual compatibility, when it does happen, works like magic. The problem is it takes a lot of time and trouble to happen, if it does happen at all.

Best Matches

Mostly it just remains in the platonic realms. The difficulty is that though they are such a perfectly matched couple , and can converse quite easily, they have trouble making the first move when it comes to matters of sex. Besides, being so emotionally close, they tend to feel that having sex may spoil their relationship and emotional rapport, so they just let things drift. However, in the cases where sex does happen, they will understand each others' needs perfectly even without being told, thus making the Pisces compatibility in bed truly beautiful.

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  • The positive points in a Pisces-Pisces relationship are that they are both dreamy people and when in love will share all their dreams with each other. This can be very inspiring for the other partner. They will not only encourage each other tacitly, but also verbally. And they will not only encourage each other but also push each other actively to achieve their respective goals.

    The minus point in a Pisces and Pisces compatibility is that they can get stuck in a rut, performing the same things day in and day out. It can make them lazy, bored and thus their inborn creativity goes for a toss. This can easily lead them into a situation where there is nothing to share or talk about, unless they have a good group of friends with whom they can interact everyday, or unless they have shared hobbies about which they can talk everyday.

    If you were born with the moon in Pisces, you might have a big heart that reaches out to anyone who needs your help.


    You probably have a gift for empathy but have to maintain healthy emotional boundaries, otherwise, you can easily lose your way. Your instinctive understanding of the suffering of others makes you a devoted, intuitive helper for those who want to make a change in their life. To avoid total burnout, you need to learn ways to de-stress and release some of the burdens that you are always carrying on your shoulders. If this is your moon, be aware that you might feel a strong pull to escape or check out emotionally.

    A positive way to escape is through art. Beware of intoxicants and the numbing effects of television. It is wise to make grounded, healthy friends who will help you find an emotional balance in your life. Many great artists and dreamers have been born with the moon in Pisces, and their gifts often seem divinely inspired in some way.

    Pisces and Aquarius Nature and Nuances
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