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Traditionally this was Saturn. As we mentioned in the section above describing the sign of Capricorn , the planet has two aspects to it. The one side looks inwards to the personal planets and is traditional and conservative. Saturn is known as the gatekeeper and like a sentry he traditionally guarded the edge of the Solar system. This was the last of the planets of the old order and the last to be seen with the naked eye. However the other side of Saturn looks outwards to the cosmos beyond, this is the side that rules the sign of Aquarius.

This is much like the person who has passed his exams or his driving test for whom the open road beckons and the possibilities seem endless and exciting.

Aquarius Compatibility – Aquarius Love Relation & Trust Compatibility

This is Aquarius as it looks to the transpersonal planets for inspiration. The other, more modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus the next planet out from Saturn. This planet was discovered around the American and French revolutions and its nature reflects those events. It is a groundbreaker , a revolutionary that fights for Justice and Liberty and the freedoms of mankind. The sign of Aquarius is an air sign. It is also the last of these signs so in some way there is a maturity about it different from the previous air signs. The realm of air is that of the ideas of mankind.

When we use phrases like; 'airy fairy', we are talking of a person with their ideas in the clouds and not connected to the earth. Aquarians live very much in this realm of ideas before they are brought to the Earth. King Solomon said; 'There is nothing new under the sun'. All the ideas exist somewhere out there, it's just that Aquarians have a great ability to tap into this world of ideas and hopefully assist others in bringing them to society and thus improve the lot of mankind.

This is shown by their sign which shows them bearing water or enlightenment to the rest of mankind.

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Sometimes Aquarians are so busy championing their causes and preaching ideals to everyone that they can forget the person next to them. This is reflected in the air sign being Fixed in nature. Aquarians are not always so flexible and accomodating to other peoples ideas as they are so focused on their own beliefs. Here's the Aquarius compatibility for all the zodiac signs.

These astrological socialites are polar opposites, yet strike a good balance

Not surprisingly, Aquarius and Aries are very compatible and have a wonderful connection with each other. They both like adventure, are very independent and have a lot of energy for trying new things. The problem is that they both like to lead and neither one of them enjoys taking a back seat to anyone.

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There's a lot of chemistry between the two, and both enjoy experimenting. Aquarius and Aries may be competitive with each other but a relationship between the two is never boring. Aquarius and Taurus are too dissimilar to be a good match. It would be one thing if either of these two signs were any good with compromise, but they're not and they're both stubborn, so if they get into a disagreement, it can go south very quickly. Aquarius can find Taurus too possessive and too concerned with security to be a good fit for them.

Aquarius and Gemini click on so many different levels: mentally, socially, emotionally, and sexually. They are the couple you want at your party because they're so fun, interesting, and good at communication. Aquarius doesn't want to be controlled, and Gemini has no interest in being controlling. There's no jealousy in this relationship even if there is plenty of passion and enthusiasm.

Aquarius Compatibilty

Gemini is up for anything as long as it's not routine and boring, and Aquarius is happy to provide some excitement to their relationship. They're both smart and creative so even when they're just having a one-on-one conversation, it's fascinating for the two of them. Aquarius and Cancer will bond over a love of music and a love of the outdoors.

Aquarius Sign Dates, Traits & More

While Aquarius cares passionately about the world and its inhabitants, Cancer's concern falls more on their loved ones and people close to them. However, Cancer is way too emotional and takes things too personally for Aquarius. If they're friends, there may be a falling out when Cancer's feelings get hurt by Aquarius. If Aquarius doesn't feel that Cancer's feelings are justified, they won't do anything to repair the rift between the two. Things could go either way when an Aquarius and a Leo get together.

There could be a mutual fan club as both signs are popular, creative, and captivating. However, Aquarius may be a little too detached and distracted for Leo's taste. Leo likes to have their partner ready to shower them with affection and praise, and Aquarius may be too busy with other things to give Leo what they need. As both signs are their own kind of leader, there could be a power struggle between the two — Leo being a strong leader who isn't afraid to use glitz and glamour, while Aquarius is more of a social justice advocate kind of leader.

These two signs aren't especially compatible even though both are mentally agile and helpful. Virgo is just too uptight and focused on unimportant details for Aquarius' liking, and Virgo finds Aquarius very careless and too liberal. Virgos are much more pessimistic and control the various elements in their life as much as possible. Sometimes Aquarius just wants Virgo to let loose and to dance as if no one was watching.

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  • Virgo tends to think Aquarius' super-sized ego is obnoxious and would like them to settle down. Aquarius and Libra are very compatible; they enjoy having a rich social life, going to cultural events, and just hanging out. Both signs tend to react from the head, but there are times when Libra will need to express their feelings, making the Aquarius partner feel a little uncomfortable.

    Aquarius and Libra learn from each other and add something to each other's life that was missing. Aquarius and Scorpio tend not to be especially compatible.

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    Aquarius' independence sparks Scorpio's jealousy, and Scorpio's moodiness tends to annoy Aquarius. Aquarius enjoys going out and can be somewhat flirtatious, causing Scorpio's green-eyed monster to make an appearance.

    zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius
    zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius
    zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius
    zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius
    zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility chart aquarius

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