Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss

It's a fast talking relationship, it's a relationship that's idiosyncratic, its competition for the sake of growth.


Aquarius believes in balance as the key to reality. This will be a relationship that seeks for balance together, so they'll be protective, they'll be mysterious and make others attracted to what they have, and they'll honestly dominate what they want. It's like having the natural greatness of an Aquarius X2.

They could have some identity issues because they both will absorb a lot of each other, but since they both need their space and independence, this should naturally correct itself. But it is like a tornado, how do you split a part of the wind into two sections? When the wind merges together with wind, it can be hard to say where one begins and where one ends.

This may be why Aquarius-Aquarius isn't always to be found out in the wild. It might also be too powerful for others to witness. Aquarius together will be exploring each other in existential way. This is why they explore ideas so much, talk so much, and want so much time together.

They want to explore emotions together, but they are looking for the deep conversation. And that conversation can last until late into the night.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: It Takes One To Know One

They want to create a happy bubble together to ultimately bring peace on earth. They really want to be genuine, they want to strip the world away from the fake. They don't like to fight, they want to be peacemakers. Aquarius wants the world to see a more progressive sense of peace. This is a peacemaking relationship, very balanced, and very freeing. This combo will stand out because You might have a hard time pinning them down or seeing them in traditional social situations.

Except an aunt and uncle that bring about the oddest, yet most heartfelt gifts at Christmas. Aquarius-Aquarius want to delve into what they love for long periods of time whether that's hour long writing sessions, delving into a new hobby, or long makeout sessions. This combo could likely start as a long friendship, as most Aquarius prefer to start their relationships that way. The great thing about an Aquarius-Aquarius is the potential for acceptance, which is what the Aquarius wants.

It might be challenging that both want this, so it might be difficult to fulfill that need, but since it is both what they want, it can help them be on the same page. They'll need to experience many different new and exciting things together in order to open up their emotional heat.

Aquarius has a lot of potential for emotional heat -- the colder you are the more potential you can have, automatic heat doesn't necessarily have as much room to grow. Aquarius needs help to be opened up emotionally to get from its Jean Grey state into its much needed Phoenix state -- which is a scary place to be, but if you know X-Men well, it was the Phoenix who was able to answer the problems of a galaxy far, far away. Of course, having that kind of energy isn't something you want to open yourselves to daily, it doesn't always feel comfortable to do so around others who don't understand that -- it isn't always socially acceptable.

Do an Aquarius and an Aquarius Make for a Good Couple: Dating Among the Wind Signs

This is where detachment comes from the Aquarius. They hide their emotions, as taught by society, this is why a lot of them get attracted to Scorpios who have a lot of emotional range -- but Aquarius needs to be opened fully to be realized and also handle deep problems that the world needs fixed.

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Aquarius-Aquarius can work together to gracefully bring this out and open it to the max. Frankly, many Aquarius souls want to be emotionally opened fully. Though they are not required to do so, they can do a lot with their emotions even if that space isn't completely fulfilled. Aquarius may want a zodiac match with someone who won't push their emotions as much because it can be a more stable place psychologically, it can run smooth to them, and they can handle more of what they want.

Aquarius gets to decide how much emotion they want to give -- whether that's operatic in size or more like a pop song. Both are important in their own ways. But don't you dare say an Aquarius is without emotion -- because that's wrong and shows you don't understand the image of the water bearer.

What's comforting about two water bearers is an understanding of that development. It can be more comfortable, mirror-like, and accepting. Some zodiacs may be able to push the Aquarius to get them out of their shell, an Aquarius can do this at a more patient, comforting pace. Their craziness has to do with their emotions and their trying to balance it with other factors. Due to balancing their emotions in childhood, it develops their mental power. It develops their intelligence. All zodiacs have to balance their mental power to the height of their emotions. So when you see a great, healthy mind, it is equal to their emotional power, and the burden of their emotional power.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

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  • Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility And Love Match!
  • Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Andrea Lawrence more. Reminders 1. Without something to work on together, you may end up drifting off on their own private quests. Lidia: This can be the best relationship you have ever experienced if you play your cards right and are both willing to take your time and stay open to criticism. You both have similar traits when it comes to possessiveness and your own space, so you must ensure you pay attention to how you would feel in the shoes of your partner to come back to earth and stop yourself playing games.

    Reassurance can come in many forms, but this is not one that will make you feel any better. Sexually, you are very well matched and your relationship will become sexual very quickly. There will be endless amounts of games and gadgets that you bring into the bedroom, knowing that you will both be willing to give anything a try! Laura: This pairing of astrological signs will give each other enough space to exercise their fiercely independent natures without reserve.

    Each will love to surprise the other with an odd gadget, or novelty, or some bizarre story from another one of their worldly encounters. Heidi : These two get along great and share many common goals. They bring out each others great sense of humor and enjoy laughs together. This couple will most likely agree on almost everything and have many stimulating discussions. Since both are more rational than emotional, passion may not reach great heights. However, this is not a problem to either of them, since they are both happy. Keley: This is certainly an all or nothing relationship!

    These two will understand each other very well, but may have trouble surviving in the material world. Both people will demand their freedom in different ways as well, so there may be problems on the commitment level. Marcus : Two Air signs walking side by side with their dreamy heads in the clouds of the zodiac. What better way to go through life together. And these two horoscope signs sharing a life together will be quite a sight. Aquarians love the odd and unusual, and also attract the odd and unusual from the Cosmos.

    They revel in it. You will understand and be compassionate to each other, and most likely will be each others best friends. Mentally, you match, but perhaps not in romance. However, the great conversation may well make it work.

    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss
    Compatibility of aquariuss and aquariuss

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